I"m writing this review to let others know what a quality company Binghamton Environmental & Construction Group is, your in good hands from start to finish. When looking for asbestos abatement for your home or business look no further than Binghamton Environmental & Construction after all getting the job done right the first time matters. Rhondi Hamilton home and business owner

-Rhondi H. ~ Binghamton, NY 
I am really glad to find a company like this. In retirement, I am faced with converting the family farm into a residential property. That means removing a 4000 sq ft corn storage structure and excavating a buried gasoline tank safely, responsibly and consistent with strict environmental requirements. SECG completed both projects with great expertise and professionalism. They plan carefully for the work to come, but also deal with unexpected problems with great problem solving skills and optimism. Their staff are awesome to deal with. The process included follow-up testing for pollutants so I and people who follow me in living here can be confident in knowing its a safe place to be.

-Doris J. ~ Syracuse, NY 
I hired Syracuse Environmental and Construction Group, to perform mold and radon testing on a home I was interested in purchasing, along with hiring a Home Inspector. I was provided a proposal for the testing I wanted performed, prior to the scheduled appointment. Andrew W was my contact and he performed the testing as well. Andrew was knowledgeable, professional and addressed all my concerns before, during and after the test were performed. He easily identified problematic areas with the home, took pictures and performed the tests. When the lab results came back, he provided me with the information via email and told me to give him a call, to discuss. The tests confirmed what I had suspected and Andrew provided me with an explanation of how the mold needed to be remediated and provided me with a budgetary breakdown. I am so glad I took the extra step and had the mold testing done. I walked away from a health hazard and financial nightmare. I withdrew my offer on the home and have my common sense and Andrew to thank for that. HIGHLY RECOMMEND SYRACUSE ENVIRONMENTAL & CONSTRUCTION TO ALL WHO ARE THINKING OF PURCHASING A HOME

-Lisa M. ~ Syracuse, NY
Ithaca Environmental group rocks. To cut the long story short: I thought I found asbestos in a old home I recently purchased in Ithaca. I couldn't sleep so at 4 am I sent an email describing my concern. I got a reply back that morning around 8 or 9, appointment was set up for just a few days later. Matt, who is the best when it comes to this stuff walked me through the whole process. He's been doing this for over 10 years, he has a TON of experience. He knows what he is doing. He was educating me through out his inspection, answering all my questions, pointing out things I need to look for. Both my husband and I were present during the inspection and we ask a lot of questions. Matt answered them all and made us feel much more comfortable now that we know a little more about asbestos. You can't learn about this stuff by just googling it - deal with an expert and cover all your basis. Turns out what I thought was asbestos is not. He took a few different samples to get tested and got back to me with results in just a couple of days. I will be using him again should the need arise for another property and give him and IECG my highest recommendation. Thanks Matt!

-Jehan S. ~ Ithaca, NY 
IECG worked with us in every possible way when it came to demoing our 100-year-old home that we lost months prior to a structure fire. We had been jumping through hoops in an attempt to move the process forward, but we experienced nothing but setbacks with the presence of asbestos throughout the structure, our insurance company's unwillingness to pay asbestos related expenses, and our inability to find a contractor who was licensed in asbestos removal. We were referred to IECG, and when I received a phone call in response to the email I sent them 10 minutes prior, I knew we found someone who was as serious as we were about completing this job. From there, IECG was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, communicative, attentive, reliable, prompt, flexible, resourceful, and speedy. We couldn't have been more satisfied with the timeline, quality of work, and our entire experience with them. We highly recommend IECG, and thank them for turning our nightmare into a smooth sailing process to completion! 👍

-Ashley H. ~ Ithaca, NY 
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