Free lead paint testing, repairs available to homeowners, renters

Homeowners and renters in Allegheny County can have their homes tested for lead, and repaired, for free. 

The Allegheny Lead Safe Homes Program will test for lead paint throughout homes and identify all areas that may be dangerous. 

Lead is most dangerous to children under 6 because their brains and nervous systems are still developing. Even low levels of lead can cause hyperactivity, behavior and learning problems, hearing problems and lower a child's IQ. 

It can also cause premature birth in pregnant women. 

The program will hire a certified lead abatement contractor to repair all lead hazards found. Work can include repairing and repainting chipping and peeling lead-painted surfaces, window and door repair or replacement, and enclosing exterior trim and components. 

Participants also will get one-on-one education about lead poisoning prevention and maintaining a lead-safe home. 

Qualifications include having a home built before 1978 and a child under age 6 that lives there or visits regularly, or a pregnant woman living there. 

Household annual income limits apply. For one person, the limit is $42,600; for two, $48,650; three, $54,750; four, $60,800; five, $65,700; and six, $70,550. 

To apply, call 412-227-5700, or email Information is also available online at


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