School addresses parents' concerns after mold scare

LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. -- A school is addressing parents' concerns after shutting down several classrooms over mold contamination. Many parents who were worried about their children's safety showed up at Lincoln Charter School after the scare. 

"One of my questions was did the mold actually come from the leak," said Janet Griffin, a concerned parent.

Dozens of parents and their kids got the questions answered at the school Wednesday night.

"The air samples in there did show elevated levels," said one of the professionals that tested the fungus.

Administrators say the melting snow from two weeks ago and a malfunctioning roof drain led to a leak in one of its classrooms, creating the mold and forcing 150 2nd and 3rd graders to relocate.

"She made it clear that it seemed to really coming from the leak so that made me feel a lot better that children haven't been sicking in a classroom full of mold," said Griffin.

Lincoln Charter was not the only local school dealing with mold issues this school year. A moldy mess was under investigation at Providence High School a few weeks ago.

"Mold exposure can be somewhat dangerous," said a local health professional.

Forest View High School in Gaston County also had a bout with mold. It was forming on furniture in several classrooms in August 2017.

"My only concern is once we get it fixed will it happen again," said Griffin. 

Lincoln Charter administrators openly said they need to do a better job of testing and keeping records.


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