Consumer Reports: Don't Let Radon Gas Ruin Your New Home Purchase

If you’re in the market for a new home, and you think you’ve found the right one. You'll probably be getting an inspection. Barry Levy has today's Consumer Report and says if they find high levels of radon gas in the house, don't let spoil the deal.

There are all kinds of toxic gases in your home...most probably right here in the bathroom. But if your home inspection does turn up radon gas there are some pretty simple and affordable ways to get rid of it...unlike some others...spray

It’s no secret radon is dangerous.
A radioactive gas, radon is emitted from the soil that can seep into homes and buildings through cracks.  Inhaling it has been linked to lung cancer, killing an estimated 21-thousand people a year.

But Consumer Reports says if you’ve set your sights on a home with dangerous levels of radon, don’t panic. Radon-related deaths are due to exposure over the course of a lifetime.

“You should definitely take it seriously but you really don’t need to walk away from the home. It’s actually pretty easy to remove radon, and it’s not that expensive,” Paul Hope/Consumer Reports Home Editor.

Home inspections often include testing for radon - using short term kits. But since radon levels in a home can vary over time, it pays to follow up with your own test.

Consumer Reports recommends the RTCA 4Pass - which will get you results in a week or less - for 23 dollars. For a better representation - tests of at least 90 days - the Accustar Alpha for 25 dollars.

If levels read between 2 and 4 picocuries per liter, consider fixing your home. For about 12-hundred dollars you can remove radon by installing a pipe that vents it from the soil out through the roof.

And don’t forget: you can always use the expense of fixing the radon problem as a bargaining chip.

The other good thing about a radon gas removal system is that it will also remove other gases that can be harmful...leaving you with cleaner air in your home...most of the time.

The State of Texas does require a warning about the presence of radon in a home which is generally included in the sales contract. Just be sure to ask if the home has been tested for radon.

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