Real Christmas Trees May Trigger Allergies For Some

Christmas tree farm.Mold can be found on food, plants and even in your home, but according to local doctors, it can also be spotted on Christmas trees.

“When we bring in the holiday trees, the evergreens and things like that, the natural ones have mold spurs on them. You bring that into the house, and the mold spurs are released. It triggers your allergies,” Dr. Jarl Wathne, Cumberland Valley ENT Consultants.

Along with trees, holiday scents could also trigger your allergies and, while real decorations may seem appealing to some, experts believe artificial is the way to go.

“It would be better to use artificial wreathes and trees. They might not look quite as nice. They might not smell as nice, but that would be better, assuming you store them in a dry place,” said Dr. Wathne.

With fall ending and winter around the corner, falling leaves can be your biggest enemy this holiday season.

“You have lots of mold on the underside of the leaves. You rake leaves, but also you are walking through those leaves with mold on it as you are walking into the house. So, a lot of mold spurs are introduced this time of year,” Wathne stated.

If you are unsure whether you have indoor allergens, visit your local doctor to get tested to see what you may be allergic to.


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