Are there more wasps buzzing around this year?

With temperatures soaring into the triple digits the past few weeks. There are more concerns than just heat-related illness and fires. Pests have been swarming in and preventing people from enjoying the sunshine.

Throughout the hot, dry summer, many have noticed that wasps are flying around in much larger numbers than usual.

One pest control expert we spoke with has seen a spike in calls of wasps dive bombing, ruining picnics, and ruining trips to the pool. The answer to the high numbers may surprise you.

At this Lewiston home, the wasps seem to be everywhere; under the eaves, in the flowers, and even underneath trailers.

During the latest winter, the LC Valley experienced more rain and snow than it was used to and now we’re seeing some of the effects of the wet season in the form of wasps.

Sun-Pest Owner Russ Craber said the wet winter caused more bugs to hatch. Those bugs, Craber said, serve as the wasps’ prey.

Craber said, "I think that now that there's unlimited amounts of food, there's no end to the amount of nesting and colony building they can do right now."

And since the weather isn’t cooling down anytime soon, Craber has this warning.

Craber said, "It's not going to be over until it cools off quite a bit. And the longer we go into the season, the angrier they’re going to be because their lifecycle will be coming to an end. We're talking late September to late October before that's even going to be an issue. We're talking temperatures down into the 60s in the daytime."

But steps can be taken to try and combat the wasps. On hot days like these, pest control experts recommend using powder based products to eliminate nests like these….and these.

Powder based products don’t kill the wasps right away, but they are more likely to destroy an entire colony than most store bought sprays. The powder usually kills the pests within one to three days.

As for knocking the nests and colonies down, Craber recommends be careful and do it at the right time.

Craber said, "Wait until it's cool, cool evening or night time, when most of the workers are back right around the colony. If they’re right there guarding it all night long, that's the perfect time to get rid of most of the colony in one shot."

Craber also said that a fair amount of wasp problems can be solved by homeowners, and that boric acid dust is the most effective instead of wasp spray or repellant, but if there is an infestation or if you are allergic, he recommends calling a pest control expert.

Photo Source: http://The Telegraph

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